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Midwest Bus Corporation is the largest re-manufacturer of City Transit Buses in the United States. The Owosso, Michigan headquarters has over 70,000 square feet of manufacturing space with a 35 coach production capability. Our facility is equipped to perform all aspects of bus repairs.

Midwest Bus Corporation approaches each project in three different but totally integrated phases which are the planning phase, the production phase and the inspection phase. During the planning phase, careful estimates are made in advance of what work will have to be performed in order to ensure that the customer's requirements are fulfilled on time and within budget. At this time, an estimate is made of both the materials required to perform the necessary work and the manpower necessary to complete the project in a timely fashion. These plans are prepared within the budgetary limitations that apply to each individual customer, and are based on extensive cost information accumulated as a result of past re-manufacturing contracts. During this phase, Midwest Bus Corporation provides technical evaluation of the specification to ensure that the completed project will meet the customer's expectations. Further realistic schedules are prepared to ensure projects are completed in accordance with delivery commitments.

The second phase of our effort involves the production phase. In the production phase, emphasis is placed on having work performed by trained, skilled workers under the close supervision of experienced supervisors to ensure customer satisfaction. Midwest Bus Corporation has an extensive workforce capable of performing all phases of rebuilding and re-manufacturing City Transit Buses. In addition, Midwest Bus Corporation has skilled supervisors who have been trained and are experienced in bus rebuilding for over 30 years.

Each phase of production is carefully supervised and scheduled to ensure that the various elements of the work are completed in a timely fashion using efficient methods developed by Midwest Bus Corporation. Each aspect of the production plan is reviewed with the customer in advance to avoid uncertainty and complications once production is undertaken. Only the highest quality materials are used in the production process; customers are free to evaluate sources of materials used by Midwest Bus Corporation prior to production. Each phase is monitored under a financial control system to avoid budget overruns.

The third phase closely integrated with production is the inspection or quality control phase. Midwest Bus Corporation has a full-time quality control inspection program that allows for constant scrutinizing of all work performed at each phase of the rebuilding program. Quality control personnel act independently of production personnel and report only to top management so that production schedules are never accomplished at the expense of quality. Customers are welcome to and encouraged to provide their own inspectors either through the use of qualified maintenance personnel from their own organizations or by using professional inspectors.

Midwest Bus Corporation, incorporating our engineering resources, has developed the capability to implement creative solutions for our customers as well as maintain the ability to re-manufacture buses back to OEM specifications.

No matter what type of work you need performed on a bus, Midwest Bus Corporation is ready, willing and able to supply a high quality product in a timely manner.

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